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Railroad Tracks

Don’t know if its true! ┬áLanded in my Inbox from a mailing list and could not help but share. Railroad Tracks!! Nothing ever changes really, the only thing is that minor modifications are made to the unchanged basic thing. That is true also for people … So don’t you forget. Read below all the way […]

Investing successfully

Couple of days back, I was listening to Warren Buffet’s interview on CNBC. He talks about how he loves to read about companies and research them and how that guides him in his investment decision. That brought to mind one of my MBA lessons that has stuck with me. What our lecturer then pointed out […]

Compete or colloborate ?

Interesting post that I came across at AAS on Microsoft, Nokia and Skype. Other related posts by Dave Winner and Kevin Fox. Dave’s recollection of Bill Gates view from 1981 tends to explain why Microsoft got where it is and why it is where it is now. Essentially, it is one of the basic rules […]