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Nokia – Too much, Too late ?

A look at what the latest announcements mean for Nokia. Why is Nokia where it is now – some views on both short and long term failings. And some thoughts on where Nokia could go from here. It is not all doom and gloom.

Value of my MBA

After I completed my MBA, other aspirants used to frequently ask me about the value I got from my MBA. I usually answered with a smile – “The biggest gain is that when someone now bulls**ts me, I can confidently bulls**t back”. That answer would have probably applied to the outcome of my engineering degree […]

What’s a plan worth ?

“A plan is only worth the paper it is written on” – that is a phrase I came across in an internal newsletter from our unit head. So not worth much, you would think. If you are like me, an action person who just wants to get things done, that statement would be very welcome. […]