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Nokia – Too much, Too late ?

A look at what the latest announcements mean for Nokia. Why is Nokia where it is now – some views on both short and long term failings. And some thoughts on where Nokia could go from here. It is not all doom and gloom.

Reward is proportional to Risk

No pain; no gain is another way of putting it. There are different ways of investing your money. Put it in a fixed deposit and you can be sure it is there pretty much intact always. Invest it into stocks, securities and the like; you can expect an increase in your wealth. But it can […]

Strategy is about what you don’t do

Continuing from my post on basic rules. Here’s something I have found people forget. Most of us have either worked on strategies or have been presented them. I am willing to bet that in the vast majority of cases, the strategy set out what and how something was going to be done. I’d challenge that. […]

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed

I talked about some basic rules in my earlier post. Here’s one of those, one that is the law of conservation of mass. Now, we have all learnt this in Physics. Why am I bringing it up here? Such a basic law is applicable not just in the physical world, but also in macroeconomics. Here […]

I have failed ! And because of that, so has my company

Note : This is a externalised version of a post on the Internal blog. So, colleagues who have have read that, please bear with me. If you are reading this, I hope it was because the title was provocative enough. Thanks. Was my failure really the reason for failure in my company ? You decide. While […]

Value of my MBA

After I completed my MBA, other aspirants used to frequently ask me about the value I got from my MBA. I usually answered with a smile – “The biggest gain is that when someone now bulls**ts me, I can confidently bulls**t back”. That answer would have probably applied to the outcome of my engineering degree […]

Compete or colloborate ?

Interesting post that I came across at AAS on Microsoft, Nokia and Skype. Other related posts by Dave Winner and Kevin Fox. Dave’s recollection of Bill Gates view from 1981 tends to explain why Microsoft got where it is and why it is where it is now. Essentially, it is one of the basic rules […]

What’s a plan worth ?

“A plan is only worth the paper it is written on” – that is a phrase I came across in an internal newsletter from our unit head. So not worth much, you would think. If you are like me, an action person who just wants to get things done, that statement would be very welcome. […]

Learning from Monopoly

The simple game of Monopoly (game by Electronic Arts) that I have on my Nokia N8 gives some good lessons in Strategy. Yes, it is a game of chance since the outcomes depends on the roll of the dice. But isn’t business the same too – it is a roll of different situations – macroeconomic, […]