Why tricks ?

Well, because I believe many of these thoughts are going to elicit the reaction – “that is no brainer”. Precisely the kind of reaction one would have when a magician’s methods are revealed.

But honestly, I am facing writer’s block. The thoughts are swirling in my head and I can form the sentences in my mind, but when I start typing, they seem to disappear into thin air. I am trusting that if I keep up these introductory posts, the rest of it will follow 🙂

Here are some thoughts I hope to build on in the coming days, weeks, months :

– Being approximately right is much better than being accurately wrong

– Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. This is applicable to far more areas than physics. It applies to your business too in terms of sales, profits, customers, etc.

– A corollary to the above is that business is a zero+ sum game. There is the + in all business, but that does not come easy.

Well, that is a start … And something to continue building on