Tiny media, as Seth Godin talks about in his blog post,  refers to the bloggers and tweeters out there.

The value of this media is undeniable. There are multiple reasons. Most of them tied to the basic notion of human trust. Bloggers and tweeters are seen as peers to anyone looking for information. And hence get a similar level of confidence as you one would from one’s own friends.

The disucssion about spending money to scale this media did strike a chord with me. To be honest, I have seriously considered doing that myself.

While I agree with Seth’s overall premise that this is a media that cannot be bought, neither does it mean that you do not need to spend money on this. Especially when you¬† are starting off new and do not have a set of followers, there is a need to spend money in not too dissimilar a manner as the other horsemen of media.

For the fourth media to promote you, you first need to be noticed. And that would need one to hire media. And that needs to be targeted in much the same way as any other media buy. Objectives need to be set, monitored and optimised.

Once some bloggers and tweeters have noticed and mentioned you, media buys can also help get that across to a larger audience, amplifying the impact.

So, while the fourth media cannot be bought, spending definitely can help.