As I contemplate striking out and starting my own business, a common theme that keeps coming back to me is – “there is no such thing as a one man start-up”.
I see the value in the argument. Even if I hold a Master’s degree in Engineering and have led a Product Development team for 6 years, the many years of sales and marketing have left me out of touch with the latest in technology. Sure, I am still confident of engaging in those discussions, but I am no longer able to initiate those. So it made sense that I find a co-founder who would complement me, someone who I can spar with.

Then I came across this blog. Somewhere down that page the blog states :


#1. Cofounder Myth: In the early days, I was consistently told that the first thing I needed to do was find a cofounder. Every investor/incubator/advisor brought this up. I wasted a month searching. I learned that you don’t find a cofounder; it happens naturally or it doesn’t. Don’t force it and don’t waste time searching for someone. After spending a month building the first prototype, investors saw what I could do and I never heard the cofounder advice again.

And that makes sense too 🙂

While I am not totally bought into the idea that it happens without any effort, I think it is not worth forcing.